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Community Gardens - enliven and empower self-reliance, cooperation, and a stronger sense of community through providing an opportunity to grow, harvest and eat fresh, local produce. We envision community spaces that serve as models for sustainability through organic food production, water conservation, ecological building, community celebration, and cooperative economics.HFCUSA_Community_gardens.html
Home Gardens - People and communities are turning their backyards, window boxes, any available land  or containers and raising food once again to address the pressing concern of urban sustainability. "Victory" is growing food at home for increased local food security and reducing the food miles associated with the average American meal. Raise your own Victory garden!HFCUSA_Home_Gardens.html
School Gardens - an outdoor classroom where students learn lessons in a variety of subjects for example: math, science, culinary arts, biology, etc. These types of gardens are often managed by a teacher, a group of teachers or a garden manager. Parent groups often help with the maintenance and upkeep. The parents provide valuable cultural and gardening information along with care during school vacation times. The gardens also act as outdoor gathering spaces, where both students and teachers may take time to relax and enjoy nature.HFCUSA_School_Gardens.html

“Gardening is less about manual labor than it is about re-connecting to your body, to food and to health.”-jnicholl







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